Suzanne Frank - Guitar teacher & recording artist in London Ontario

"Suzanne is excellent at meeting a student at their level and then nudging them to move just a bit further. She has helped expand my technique and skill, and helped me learn to "think guitar" (instead of piano, my first instrument). I have learned so much and had tons of fun along the way."K. B. (music therapist)

Suzanne Frank

Guitar Instructor, Recording Artist & Composer

Suzanne Frank - Guitar Lessons & MusicWelcome to my website! My name is Suzanne Frank. I am a guitarist/composer and guitar teacher living in London, Ontario. My music studio is in Wortley Village in London Ontario. I've been teaching guitar lessons there for many years.

If you came here because you heard my music, it is available for purchase on this site. I hope you also visit Two People to learn about the music I compose and perform in partnership with Paul Kramer.

If you came by chance, please browse and find out more about my original pieces of music.

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